One of the longest pedestrian suspension bridges in the world

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The most exciting
516 meters
of your life

Come live the experience of crossing a pedestrian bridge suspension over one of the wildest rivers in Europe, Paiva River.

Witness a true engineering prodigy and be dazzled by a landscape inserted in a UNESCO Global Geopark.

Suspended in the sky, 175 meters above River Paiva, in the Arouca Geopark, UNESCO territory, 516 Arouca is born

Construction characteristics

A bridge like 516 Arouca, with all the construction challenges it had to deal with, always arouses a lot of curiosity, whether from visitors, who are impressed by the grandiosity structure of the structure, or from engineering professionals, who are delighted with the technical characteristics and adopted solutions.

Safety first

When looking at 516 Arouca from the outside, with the immensity of nature that surrounds it, with the 175 meters high that separate it from the wild Paiva River below, the first impression may be that of a simple metallic line suspended in the sky.

A maior ponte suspensa do mundo, já descrita como "extraordinária".

...the panoramic views of the waterfall, the gorge and the fast-moving river...

...uma estrutura metálica que revela a natureza deslumbrante existente...

A spectacular new 'sagging' footbridge that hangs 175 metres (575 feet) above a river


The bridge through the eyes of visitors







Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rules to be checked under COVID-19?

We recommend that you disinfect your hands before starting the visit, maintain a distance of 1.5 meters between people from a different household and comply with respiratory etiquette standards. If you have symptoms, do not go to 516 Arouca.

How far is 516 Arouca – suspension bridge?

As its name indicates, 516 Arouca have 516 meters long and the highest point, towards the river, is at 175 meters.

What days is it closed to visitors?

516 Arouca is open all year round, except on Christmas Day. Adverse weather conditions may dictate its closure. In these cases, the closing notice will be given on the website and official social networks and all visitors who have purchased tickets will be duly informed by email and text message. These visitors may 1) reschedule their visit at no additional cost, within a period of one year, on a date of their choice (subject to availability) or 2) request a full refund.