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Is the 516 Arouca accessible to people with special needs?

Yes, 516 Arouca is an inclusive infrastructure. In order to provide a unique and quality visit, prior mandatory contact must be made to the Arouca Geopark Interactive Tourism Store (contact here), in order to safeguard the necessary conditions.

Is there a minimum age to visit 516 Arouca?

Yes, you must be at least 6 years old, so children under age cannot enter.

Is crossing the bridge advisable for elderly people?

Yes, there is no impediment to the visit for elderly people, as long as their physical condition allows it.


What to do in case of emergency?

During the visit there will always be the presence of a guide who can either clarify any doubts about the bridge and its surroundings, or help a visitor in case of emergency. You can always ask for help from the guide, contact Bombeiros Voluntários de Arouca (256 944 122) and/or call the national emergency number – 112.

Is there mobile phone network coverage on the way?

Yes, there is a mobile phone network all the way.

In case there is any incident during the visit, is there any kind of insurance for visitors?

Yes, each visitor is the beneficiary of a civil liability insurance that will cover any eventuality that occurs during the visit, provided that this has not occurred due to violation of the established rules or the visitor’s sole fault.

Is it advisable to cross 516 Arouca for people with vertigo?

The floor of 516 Arouca is made of a metallic grid, which gives it transparency. If you have vertigo, you should think carefully about your visit.

Is it safe to visit 516 Arouca?

During the construction process of 516 Arouca, several tests were carried out, even after it was completed. So, yes, it is 100% safe to cross 516 Arouca.

Other services

Are there toilets available around of 516 Arouca?

On the Canelas side, the closest WC is next to the river beach of Areinho, which is located about 1200 meters away (45 minutes on foot). On the Alvarenga side, the closest WC is next to the Alvarenga cemetery, which is located about 1000 meters from the bridge (15 minutes on foot).

Are there any parking areas? Are they free?

Yes. If you want to start your route on the Canelas side, you must use the parking lots identified for users of the Paiva Walkways; if you choose to start the visit to 516 Arouca on the Alvarenga side, there are 2 possible parking lots: 1) next to Campo Reinaldo Noronha, in Santo António, 2) in Albisqueiros. Parking on the Alvarenga side presupposes that you walk along the identified trails, with access to 516 Arouca on foot. The use of any of these parking lots is free. More information here.

Are car parks supervised?

No, the parks are not supervised and the Arouca Municipality is not responsible for any damage or theft in the vehicles. Please protect your goods.


Can I organize events at 516 Arouca?

No. Any intention of collective action or other type of manifestation in 516 Arouca depends on the approval of the Municipality of Arouca. For this purpose, please send an email to comunicacao@cm-arouca.pt

Where can I get more information about 516 Arouca?

You can obtain more information about 516 Arouca on the official website and social networks or through the Interactive Tourism Store of Arouca, located at Rua Abel Botelho, no 4. (Telephone: 256 940 258 | E-mail: turismo@aroucageopark.pt). The Interactive Tourism Store is open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm and from 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm; and on weekends and holidays, from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm and from 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm.

Can I do drone footage on 516 Arouca?

Any drone shooting is prohibited. For this purpose, prior authorization must be requested from the Municipality of Arouca, the bridge’s managing entity, by e-mail: comunicacao@cm-arouca.pt. All the requests received during the weekend or holidays will be answered in the following business day.

Are there accommodation and catering facilities around 516 Arouca?

Yes, there are catering and accommodation establishments around 516 Arouca.

Is it possible to take guided tours to 516 Arouca?

The visit to 516 Arouca is always accompanied by a guide, who will give an introduction to the building you will visit and will be able to clarify any doubts you may have during the visit. Additionally, you can get in touch with local tourist entertainment companies that will be able to complement your stay by visiting other points and attractions in the territory.


How to get to 516 Arouca – suspension bridge?

To get to 516 Arouca you should choose the following accesses:

  • Coming from the North (via A1): Exit Santa Maria da Feira > São João da Madeira > Vale de Cambra > Arouca > Areinho > Alvarenga
    • Estimated travel time: 60 minutes (Areinho) or 1h15 (Alvarenga)
  • Coming from the North (via A32): Exit Gião > Arouca > Areinho > Alvarenga
    • Estimated travel time: 50 minutes (Areinho) or 1h05 (Alvarenga)
  • Coming from the South (via A1): Exit Estarreja>Oliveira de Azeméis>Vale de Cambra > Arouca > Areinho > Alvarenga
    • Estimated travel time: 60 minutes (Areinho) or 1h15 (Alvarenga)
  • Coming from the Interior (via A25): Exit Porto A1 > Oliveira de Azeméis > Vale de Cambra > Arouca > Areinho > Alvarenga
    • Estimated travel time: 65 minutes (Areinho) or 1h20 (Alvarenga)
  • Coming from Cinfães/Castelo de Paiva/Castro Daire: Estrada Nacional 225 > Alvarenga > Areinho
    • Estimated travel time: 10 minutes (Areinho)


How long takes the visit?

The visit takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. The guide will meet the visitors at the place identified for this purpose and will accompany the group to the entrance at 516 Arouca. A briefing will be given about the infrastructure and landscape and information will be given regarding the rules and precautions to be taken during the visit.

Qual é o horário de abertura ao público?

A 516 Arouca tem o seguinte horário de funcionamento:

  • Novembro a março: 9h00 – 17h00;
  • Abril e outubro: 9h00 – 19h00;
  • Maio a setembro: 8h00 – 20h00;

As visitas iniciam-se 30 minutos após o início do horário de funcionamento e terminam 1h30 antes do encerramento. Não será assim possível a entrada após o início da última visita.

Can I walk the bridge at any time of day?

When purchasing tickets for access to 516 Arouca, you will have to choose a time to make your visit. You must appear at the meeting point, defined for this purpose, 15 minutes before the selected time. The visit will start at the scheduled time. If you are late, and if there is availability, you can join a next visiting time on the day the visit is scheduled. In case that it is not possible to join a group on the same day, you will have to purchase a new ticket for another day and time.

Are there any causes that can dictate the closure of 516 Arouca?

Yes, if it turns out that it is not safe to cross the 516 Arouca, due to storm, wind or other reasons, it will be closed. In these cases, the closing notice will be given on the website and official social networks and all visitors who have purchased tickets will be duly informed by email and text message. These visitors may 1) reschedule their visit at no additional cost, within a period of one year, on a date of their choice (subject to availability) or 2) request a full refund. It is recommended to check the official website and social networks beforehand, on the day you intend to visit.

What days is it closed to visitors?

516 Arouca is open all year round, except on Christmas Day. Adverse weather conditions may dictate its closure. In these cases, the closing notice will be given on the website and official social networks and all visitors who have purchased tickets will be duly informed by email and text message. These visitors may 1) reschedule their visit at no additional cost, within a period of one year, on a date of their choice (subject to availability) or 2) request a full refund.

In which languages ​​are the visits carried out?

516 Arouca guides are prepared to carry out visits in Portuguese and English.

Quais os horários de visita à ponte?

As visitas à 516 Arouca são sempre guiadas e tem início a horas concretas, não sendo possível adquirir as entradas para entrar em hora indefinida.

O visitante deverá escolher o horário que prefere, entre as seguintes opções:

  • Novembro a março (inclusive)
    9h30 | 11h00 | 14h00 | 15h30
  • Abril e outubro
    9h30 | 11h00 | 13h00 | 14h30 | 16h00 | 17h30
  • Maio a setembro (inclusive)
    8h30 | 10h00 | 11h30 | 14h00 | 15h30 | 17h00 | 18h30

General information

Who is the entity responsible for the 516 Arouca – suspension bridge?

The entity responsible for the management and maintenance of 516 Arouca is the Municipality of Arouca.

Is there a minimum age to visit 516 Arouca?

Yes, children under 6 years of age are not allowed to enter the 516 Arouca. Visitors aged between 6 and 17 years (inclusive) must be accompanied by adults.

Is it possible to smoke during the visit?

No, smoking is not allowed during the visit.

Can I run on the bridge?

It is not allowed to run on 516 Arouca. It is an infrastructure built with the aim of enjoying a unique construction work and landscape, in a calm environment, for leisure and recreation.

Are animals allowed on 516 Arouca?

We do not know what will be the reaction of each animal to the bridge’s height during its crossing. In order to avoid stressful situations for the animals, their entry is not allowed. Furthermore, the infrastructure floor makes it impossible for animals to cross safely.

Is there a limit on entries on the bridge?

Yes, at each time there is a limit on entries on the bridge.

Should I bring any specific clothes?

Yes, you should bring comfortable clothing and shoes, preferably sneakers or non-skid hiking boots. You are not allowed to enter 516 Arouca in slippers or high heels or other footwear that is not suitable to travel through this infrastructure.

As I’m also going to walk through the Paiva Walkways, can I start in Espiunca and only enter the bridge at the end?

Yes, you can. However, as 516 Arouca has a specific entry time and, starting at the Paiva Walkways in Espiunca, it is located almost at the end of the route, we advise you to start your visit on the bridge, so that you are not late. Starting the visit by the bridge, you will be able to enjoy the visit Paiva Walkways more calmly, without the pressure of the arrival time at the bridge.

Between November and March (inclusive), if you choose the visit time to the bridge from 3:30 pm, and if you want to make the Walkways, it is compulsory to visit them before visiting the bridge.

Where should I go to start the visit?

It is not possible to access by car around 516 Arouca. You must leave your car in the car parks for this purpose and walk to the bridge. Depending on the car park where you leave the vehicle, it can take between 20 (Parking in Alvarenga – Albisqueiros; level of difficulty in accessing the bridge on foot: low) to 60 minutes (Parking in Areinho; level of difficulty in accessing the bridge on foot: high; you need to climb about 500 steps) to reach 516 Arouca. Make sure you have time to get to the 516 Arouca meeting point at the time of your tickets. You will find more information about how to get there and about parking here.

Is it mandatory to walk the bridge in both directions or can I just walk it to one side?

It is not mandatory to walk the bridge in both directions. You can cross the bridge in one direction only and, at the end, continue your visit to Alvarenga, through a marked path or, on the Canelas side, follow the Paiva Walkways, either towards Areinho or towards Espiunca.

How far is 516 Arouca – suspension bridge?

As its name indicates, 516 Arouca have 516 meters long and the highest point, towards the river, is at 175 meters.

I want to visit the Paiva Walkways and 516 Arouca. Do I need to purchase tickets separately?

The access ticket to 516 Arouca includes the visit to the Paiva Walkways. You will not have to purchase additional tickets for the walkways, unless you wish to visit them on a different day of the visit to the bridge.

Between November and March (inclusive), if you choose the visit time to the bridge from 3:30 pm, and if you want to make the Walkways, it is compulsory to visit them before visiting the bridge.

What is the maximum number of visitors per group?

Each group can have a maximum of 35 people. At each visiting time, up to 70 people can enter, 35 at each entrance.



I live in Arouca. Do I have to buy tickets for the bridge?

Residents of the Arouca Municipality can obtain a card that allows access to 516 Arouca (upon reservation), as well as to the Paiva Walkways. You can request this card here and obtain it digitally or physically, at the Arouca Geopark’s Interactive Tourism Store.

What are the conditions for obtaining a resident card?

To obtain the resident card, you must prove your address in Arouca.

My parents live in Arouca, but I don’t. Can I get the card?

Yes, you can. The card is attributable to residents in Arouca as well as to direct ascendants and descendants (first degree).

I have a resident car. Can I go to 516 Arouca any day?

Yes, you can go any day, but it is mandatory that you book the date and time of your visit.

I am a resident and have a card. How do I make a reservation to visit the bridge?

You will have to go through the normal purchase process, at the reservations center, available here, and write your card number in the space provided for this purpose. Will be sent to you a ticket, as is the case for other visitors.

On the day and time of the visit, do I have to show the card or ticket that will be sent to me?

You must show both. Showing the ticket is mandatory and the card proves your identity as a resident. You should have both with you when entering 516 Arouca.


Are there any group discounts?

There are family packs, namely:

  • Family pack A (2 adults + 1 child) = 30€
  • Family pack B (2 adults + 2 children) = 40€
  • Family pack C (2 adults + 3 or more children) = Family pack B + €5 for each additional child

Do I need to make a reservation to visit 516 Arouca? What is the cost of entry?

Yes, it is necessary to purchase tickets, at the Reservations Center of the Municipality of Arouca, to visit 516 Arouca. Check the cost of entry here.

Where can I buy a ticket?

Tickets to visit 516 Arouca can be purchased exclusively online through the bridge’s official website: https://516arouca.pt. There is no ticket sales on site. Each ticket has a cost of 12 euros and also gives access to the Paiva Walkways. Make reservations in advance. Make sure you can do the visit. If you have any questions, please contact the Arouca Geopark Interactive Tourism Store. Find the contacts here.

I can no longer visit 516 Arouca. Can I request a refund?

You can cancel your visit and request a refund but there will be a penalty of 50% of the rate charged. Cancellations must be made 48 hours before the day of the visit. It means that, cancellations are not accepted the day before the visit. There will only be a refund for customers whose invoice was issued with a tax number. To request your refund, please contact the Interactive Tourism Store on 256 940 258 or turismo@aroucageopark.pt